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SALAZONES GARRE, S.L. is a family business that was founded in 1983. We are artisans who prepare traditional salted fish products. Dried, salted Tuna (Mojama), Mullet Roe Tuna and Bonito Roes, Mackerel and other salted fish.

We only use raw materials of the finest quality and the only preservative is sea salt from the San Pedro del Pinatar salt flats. This means that the products are completely natural with no added artificial preservatives or colourings.

At the moment, our factory covers 5000m2 and is one of the most modern installations in this sector.

Our aim, as artisans, is to prepare salted products that are traditional but are also adapted to the taste of the modern consumer. Salted products that are also healthy.

All our products are prepared following traditional techniques but using the latest technology, strict quality control and in rigorous hygienic conditions.

We are extremely proud of our ability to maintain the traditions of our ancestors whilst adapting them to today´s gastronomical trends...respecting our past whilst looking to the future

we are also certificate in ISO 9001:2008 and IFS FOOD.

Listed in the  Registro de Artesanos de la Región de Murcia 


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Our Philosophy

High quality traditional salted products to feed your senses


All our high quality salted fish products are traditionally prepared but with the help of the latest technology. The high quality is maintained using strict quality control tests and maintaining rigorous hygienic standards during the preparation.

Our aim is to offer quality salted products and a first class service.

Our production process protects the environment, and for us it is very important to preserve the habitat for future generations. We are doing our utmost to respect the environment.

Our objective is to maintain client satisfaction by always offering them the highest quality possible in all our products.

We are committed to our clients and to our suppliers.

Our products represent the art of good living and eating well, but we recognize that OUR CLIENTS are the most important factor of our company.

We like the roe

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